Sunday, December 8, 2013

RapperVision Eljaay New Mixtape Announcement

It's been a long while since I constructed a post, it's been a busy time working on music and going through the motions. RapperVision is proud to announce that Eljaay, the founding artist of our establishment will be releasing an all new mixtape January 2014 . Exact date is not yet verifiable but over the weeks to come we will be posting updates every other day on the workings of our brand. Posting new art, instrumentals, and occasionally promotional songs that will not be apart of the mixtape due in January.

This is all to give the people something entirely unexpected, something new. Genuine artists have been on the rise for centuries, and it's time to start putting a little more effort into the craft you love. As a musician, this is about more than Rap...more than Hip Hop. It's about branching out into separate fields and combining the power of every genre, feeling, thought, and emotion to give the people something more diverse.

 Something more related to how we think as people, we don't always crave the same thing. Overtime our minds change their desires, and it's time someone realize that! Eljaay's mixtape will feature beats from various producers, hopefully more than half original beats but it all depends on the vibe we get while we making that music. If you have any questions, inquiries, or would like to request to be featured you can contact us at the links below.

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